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Leading by Numbers - Hotel Elisabeth, Kirchberg, Österreich

Spa profitability arises from guest orientated competence. In addition to setting qualitative goals, this also includes working proactively with figures, revenue and specialist controls. The core content of this power workshop deals with analysis of figures and using them in management in line with business concepts, business goals and guest profiles. Getting to grips with business performance and learning to use figures in management will turbo charge your commercial success and the measurability of your activities. You will learn how to optimise your commercial outcomes using practical, tried and tested tools.

The main content at a glance:

• What figures are relevant for my spa evaluations?
• How can these be measured?
• How can I evaluate my figures?
• Defining goals – making them realistic and achievable 
• What performance indicators are relevant to my business and how do I handle them?
• Budgeting and financial control with regard to my own goals
• Calculating capacity and realistic output for existing teams
• Actions and implementation strategy – 2018 action plan
• Implementing rigorous financial controls in spas in spite of high operational commitments
• How are figures communicated within the team, in order to encourage internal competition?

Price € 780,-- plus VAT
Tue, 9/22/2020, 12:00 AM Hour bis Wed, 9/23/2020, 12:00 AM Hour Kurs buchen

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Preis € 780,-- zzgl. gesetzl. MwSt.
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