Our approach

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Spa design, business concept and management

Our approach
We produce meaningful status reports and potential analyses, identify performance indicators and potential for your spa, and advise on and develop room layout, specific themes and pricing structure including recommendations for products and suppliers. We underpin everything with calculations for sales, staff and profitability.

We also provide you with individualised support, whether you are opening, preparing for the coming season or running your business. You will be assured of success with our SPA training, development of incentive programmes, quality management, staff and leadership coaching.

Our approach is based on professional expertise, direct practical knowledge and over 30 years of experience in the international spa and wellbeing sector.

Your single source for management support solutions
We help you successfully master the complex tasks and challenges involved with opening a SPA, running a business, taking over businesses or restructuring.

This highly customised service includes:
  • Analysis of current situation including potential
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Implementation
  • Progress monitoring
  • Team development
  • Management training / development
  • Management coaching
  • and much more